With so many interior design styles to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your aesthetic. Here are some of the most common styles and their defining traits. Use this list to help you narrow down your favorites.


Contemporary design is just a fancy way of describing what’s popular now. This aesthetic takes current trends and transforms them into a mature space with lots of clean lines. It’s often confused with modern design but the two are actually very different.


Transitional design marries traditional furnishing and modern elements in order to keep your space from looking too much like one particular style. This is a particularly common aesthetic for couples who are trying to merge two different design styles upon moving in together.

French Country

This design style is another hybrid. It combines elements from antique French, farmhouse and shabby chic to create a beautiful, mature space. You’ll see a lot of gilded accessory pieces in this aesthetic. It’s a bit eclectic and extremely versatile.


Rustic design is marked by the use of natural and weathered materials. Of course, it takes much of its inspiration from the outdoors. Combining farmhouse and industrial design styles, you’ll see lots of raw wood elements, leather and stone.


If you walk through IKEA and find yourself loving every single piece, chances are Scandinavian design is your style. Clean lines, functionality and elements of minimalism make this a universally loved aesthetic. Scandinavian décor highlights organic shapes, a relaxed environment and it plays a lot with tonal textures. Pops of color are typically incorporated through art or small accent pieces like pillows.

Urban Modern

This design style is marked by chic pieces form multiple different eras. It mixes the best aspects of contemporary, modern and industrial influences in order to give it a mature, elevated, New York sort of vibe.


Boho is an aesthetic that will never go out of style. An article written by Caroline Patterson for decoraid.com elaborates by saying, “One of the most timeless and endlessly popular interior design styles out there, bohemian décor represents a care and fuss-free freedom that’s unquestionably heady and intoxicating. Boasting a globally inspired comfortable mix of exotic finds and vintage and antique furnishings sourced from passionate flea-market treks and travels, the eclectic style also touches on hints of everyday glamor via crystal extras, beaded fabrications, jewel tones, and overall relaxed mood.”

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern combines the very best of 50’s and 60’s design and Danish influences. It’s full of pieces that are retro, straight forward, functional and organic in shape. This design style has remained one of the most popular aesthetics since its conception. It continues to be extremely versatile and many designers can seamlessly incorporate Mid-Century pieces in every room they work on. It’s somewhat minimalistic and truly looks good with everything.

Didn’t see your design style listed? Keep looking! There are so many more to choose from.